Sunday, September 5, 2010

Potty training cont...

What an exhausting two days...

Well, I'm not sure what progress we made. There were many successful trips to the potty, when we bribed her to sit there and watch t.v. There was also many accidents and doo doo in places where it did not belong. I have a constant smell of it now. Clearly this is something that is going to take longer then a weekend! We spent a lot of time away from home, which was our first mistake, technically your suppose to really stay in the whole time with the diaper off. But we are still keeping at it, I'm so sick of diapers and I refuse to buy another pack!

That's all I really have to say.

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  1. Potty training of very young ones is more like "parent training." It definitely takes more than a weekend to master, so don't be too discouraged. Then, there are set-backs along the way even after you think you're officially there. There are some really cute books and DVDs about potty-training. My daughter LOVED "Potty Time" (very goofy, outdated even 10 years ago about a boy named Bobby who is celebrating his 4th b-day and his family is all proud 'cause he's potty-trained; I can never figure what in the world attracts kids to such absurdities!) Anyway, check your local library for additional resources. Potty training starts with consistency. That's why I say it's more like parent training. You have to put them on the pot on a regular schedule (first thing in the morning; an hour or so after mealtime, etc.) until they figure out the sensations that accompany time on the pot and figure out that's how they know when to go. Appropriate clothing (or lack thereof as it seems you have already been advised) helps, too. It never ceased to amaze me that parents would send their 2-yr-olds to Parent's Day Out with zip/button fly pants and a belt and explain that they're working on potty training!! Does that not sound like an accident waiting to happen as teacher or child fumbles with the belt and button/zipper?! Really, the child is not really "trained" until they can pull down and pull up their own clothing. Didn't mean to go off and write a book. good luck to you and Bella.