Monday, September 13, 2010

Pudding Finger Paint!!

Today was a fun day with Bella and I! After Daddy left for work we took a nap together. When we both woke up fresh and in a great mood, I decided to do a fun activity!!!

Pudding Paint!
 It's messy but for a child that's 18 month is perfect. It allows their creativity and imagination flow and its safe, just in case they put it in their mouths.

What you do, is make instant pudding, you can use food coloring on a white pudding and create different colors. Bella was only interested in chocolate... boy does she take after mommy!

After cleaning up, and taking a bath, we went for a walk and stopped at the park! Bella loves the park. On the way we were squirrel hunting, okay maybe hunting is not the word, more like spotting. In addition to squirrels, we spotted planes as well. She never misses one when they go by:)!

Afterwards we wrote a get well card to Grandma, who is in the hospital right now. We hope you get better soon Grandma! Love You! Muah!


  1. I love this idea! I am going to have to try this with my son.

  2. Oh, your pudding paint reminds me of my twin younger siblings' 4th or 5th birthday party (a long time ago). My mom put the kids in pairs and blindfolded one of them. The blindfolded child had to feed his/her partner a bowl of pudding. It was messy but good fun. We have so many squirrels around here. I think they are cute, too. I hope your Grandma gets well and gets to go home soon. Thanks for your words or encouragement regarding my job search. I am truly blessed to have so many prayer warriors joining me! -E