Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Peanut butter Jelly... what?

The other day I noticed something funny that had dried on to my dog. It was crusty by the time I noticed it. It didn't smell very nice, and I think it had been there a while. My dog has never rolled in poo before and I am usually there when he is let outside, so I don't know how it could have gotten there if that was the case.

Today, I noticed another something funny on my dog. I bent over to get a better look and there on one side of him was peanut butter and on the other side, almost symmetrical, was some grape jelly. Now, i wonder who could have put this here. Bella, not more then an hour ago, was enjoying her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I'm pretty sure the two incidents are related!
She really loves her doggy though. It tingles my heart to see them get along!


  1. I love your fall leaves, Mama Bear! It is nice that your dog and Bella get along so well. My dog is pretty good around my own kids, but she is a terror around other dogs and hasn't been too nice to my nieces and nephew either. She gets a one-way ticket to her "home" when they're over now for that very reason. I hope your dog is the one who ate the pbj sandwich after Bella used it to give his fur a beauty treatment!

  2. Thanks, Katie, for our prayers for my family in light of the tragedy we've so recently experienced. We're all hanging in there for the time being, but I think the hardest part is yet to come. I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and leave words of encouragement and comfort. Thank you. -E