Saturday, August 26, 2017

Back to School Means More Crafting!

There is something about sending the kids away to school for a new school year that renews us and calls for new beginnings! While only 2 of my 3 will be in school full time, I'm still looking forward to a little less noise and a chance to catch up on housework that has taken a back seat to summer plans and deep cleaning the carpets from sandy toes and muddy feet.

I'm also looking forward to working on my crafty projects that I have been saving up! There are so many ideas that are just floating around in my head or have been jotted down in my notebook and I'm excited to tackle them!

This past spring I bought some white chalk to transform my china cabinet into the farmhouse style I love! It's still sitting on my dining table.

I have some super cute mason mugs that I was planning on to add some etched monogram personalization. Oh, how cute those are going to look!!!!

So that is what we have in store for this fall on 3 Wittle Birds!

Since I made the jump to split my blog in two, I've created new social media accounts for 3 Wittle Birds!! We are starting from scratch but a fresh new direction with 3 Wittle birds is needed!

 Make sure to follow along and stay connected!

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