Friday, November 19, 2010

Mom's stuffing recipe

A great Stuffing Recipe

Slice and dice :
1 large onion (white or yellow)
1 large celery stalk

Place in large pot with 2 sticks of butter with salt and pepper and cook the onion/celery slices until they are tender
Brown 1 sausage roll (Jimmy Deans) drain grease
Stir in 1 large bag of Seasoned (Pepperidge Farms-sage & onion) bread crumbs into the cook celery/onions, then stir in the drained
cooked sausage into the stuffing mixture.
You will need to add water or chicken broth to the mixture to make it moist
Mix to desired consistency.
Refrigerate over night.

Remove all the turkey giblets and wash the turkey thoroughly.
Stuff the stuffing you made the night before into the neck and rear cavities.
Use skewers to close
Salt and pepper the outside of the turkey and place in roasting pan.
Take another stick of butter and rub the turkey down with the stick of butter.
Cover the turkey with tin foil or use the roasting pan lid.

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