Thursday, December 2, 2010

It is that time of year

My little baby has be sick now for two days. She woke up in a very lethargic mood and a bad case of dehydration. When ever something is not well with her I get so much anxiety. Even from a cold, but she was so sweet today. She is not very affectionate with me on most days but today I got to experience how much she really needs me just from cuddling in my arms all morning. It really touched my heart. I hope she does feel better but it was definitely the silver lining in all this.

We have a cardiology appointment coming up. I always get nervous about two weeks before these visits come around. Its like a lingering storm cloud. Fortunately in the past is hasn't really rained and the clouds blown over. I hope for the best on this one. It's not for another two weeks, but it will be on my mind until then.

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