Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I wish I had a farm...

I wish I could live on a farm. One with chickens, cows and horses too! Maybe some sheep. I'd have a large field where the animals could graze. My land would back up to never ending forest, filled with streams and waterfalls over rock walls.

I would have a special barn for all my animals and up top would be a secret hide away for the kids to play. We would have fresh eggs and milk every day.

I would grow an array of vegetables, and on Sundays I would exhibit them at the farmers market.

I also would have a special green house, just to myself. It would be massive, like the size of the one at Lincoln Park Zoo. There would be two sections, the first would look like a magical secret garden, where thousands of butterfly's would flutter. The second would be filled with exotic plants and orchids. There would be a waterfall too. I would house different birds here, such as parrots. Maybe even a few small monkeys could run wild too!

It would be my special wonderland, I would never have to leave.

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