Monday, May 2, 2011

Couponing: Week 3

Week 3
So this past week was a big step in couponing. I was able to get many items for FREE!! I've also learned an overwehlming and emotional thing about this whole quest. I don't appreciate those extreme couponers that clear the entire shelf of one item. Really, do you honestly need 50 bottles of body wash? And even those of you who donate to charity, what percentage of your stock pile do you honestly donate? Someone like me, who would like to participate in all the free goodies that couponing has to offer, can't because I didn't get there the very first day of the sale, at the very opening of the store. I have expenses too, and I would like to save too. Let's not be so greedy, Okay....

I've also realized what an addiction couponing can be. It's a crazy sensation knowing that several items in my cart I won't have to pay for, or I even make money off of them! What I have learned through all this chaos is stay organized and double check the fine print. Make sure the coupon is for the product in your cart and that it has not expired. Make sure you are within all the guildlines of coupon and store policy. You wouldn't want to be surprised at the check out aisle when your bill is higher then anticipated.

Things I got for free this week...
2 womens Nivea body wash
2 Mens Nivea Body wash
2 Gilette mens body wash
2 Schick shave gels
2 air wick compack starter kits

Almost free
Pro fusion razor (a value of over $10.00!) I paid $0.89!

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