Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I wish I had more time, to do the things I really want to do. I wish I was a stay at home mom, devoting my time to my children and family and me. But I don’t have that luxury. I work full time, sometimes odd hours and weekends At the end of the day the exhaustion kicks my butt and puts all the things I dream about during the day in the back of my head. I wish I had more time for photography, oh how I love capturing those moments in time that are so precious! I wish I had more time for crafting, creating those personal gestures that warm the heart like cocoa in the winter. I wish I was more organized and had the energy to have the picture perfect pottery barn home.

I wish I had the time and knowledge to make this bloggy mama thing work, and not just some random journal entries to vent here and there.

I can be inconsistent. Some might say this is a downfall, I think it just makes me unique. I need to keep my brain stimulated with new things. Or maybe I just enjoy so many things and want to take in and experience all it is that this messy life has to offer.

All these ideas, what seem to be great ideas, just go to waste.
I could be amazing, if I had more time.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

A pea in the pod

It's official... I'm pregnant again!!! It came as a surprise but we are very happy and feel extremely blessed! My due date is January 2nd, maybe a New Years baby?!?! As of this week I am 16 weeks!

This pregnancy has already been so different then the last. I have my hunch as to the sex, but I'll save that for later. I was correct with the first one, so we will see. I am not as nearly sick or as tired as before. Thank God for that. However, I have been a little more light-headed and dizzy.

It's all been surreal. At times I can't even believe I am pregnant. Like it's all been a dream.

One thing that I do know, is that you forget. You forget the feelings, the sympotoms. You forget everthing and then you have to pull out old faithful... "what to expect when you are expecting"

I need to start bargain hunting now for some maternity wear! Check back for the lastest in prego styles and deals!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Too Opinionated

I am a habitual reader of yahoo news updates. I like to check it daily. Its got a pretty good mixture of different types of articles.
Anyways... so I read the articles and what really intrigues me is to see people comment on them. What I've been most surprised at and almost disgusted by, is peoples harsh words and opinions. I read a simple article about parenting tips. I though it was some good knowledge and maybe a different approach for a parent that might be looking for other options. The responses were so outrageous. Parents actually talking about how they beat there children and that's how they know to listen. Some of the insensitivity of the people who are not even parents themselves.

I haven't been a parent very long( two years), but what I have learned is that there is no one "right way" and that being judgemental of other parents, especially when you are not one, is the most closed minded thing you can be. Ever child is different, with different needs and temperaments. There is a million ways to be a parent and they don't work with ever family.

I've really got to stop reading peoples posts. It gets me so angry. You should try reading some for your self. Then you will know what I'm talking about!