Friday, September 2, 2011

Pregnancy Journal: 22 weeks

(I'm starting this journal a little late.. well really late. I am already half way through my pregnancy.)
I am 22 weeks pregnant and I remember how not so great it feels to be pregnant, physically speaking.

This baby is active, that's for sure. I felt little movements at about 19 weeks, but now I can feel kicks!!! I remember with my last pregnancy feeling them a lot later?

The queasiness has subsided for the most part!!! Yay!!! The excruciating head aches have also tampered off! I felt pretty good for a while but now
My hips have been bothering me so much that it keeps me up at night. Its painful, but the part that bothers me is unexplainable. Its like this uncomfortable feeling of pressure. I know not a great explanation but like I said I can't explain it.

My weight has kept the same as before I even got pregnant, but my belly is expanding and from what the doctors tell me the size is normal, if not even larger.

We had a level two ultrasound a couple of weeks ago, which determined the gender of the baby!!!! Some women can feel what they are having. For baby # 1 I knew it was a girl... Baby # 2 I thought it was a boy.

IT'S A GIRL.... another girl:) Poor daddy, another female in the family to push him around.. haha it really is like that. At least we wont be lacking in the baby clothes department.

We had a fetal echo done very recently. Because of Bella's heart condition they wanted to go the extra measure to make sure. Everything came back normal!!

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