Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spiritual quenching....

Are you like me.. someone who doesn't quite know what they believe in or questions every idea out there? The past ten years have been a dabble of what I call spiritual quenching. Not too sure which direction I wanted to take, but knew there was more out there than any man or thing could provide.
From my very own rose garden!

More recently, I have been hungry for it. Thinking back at the past years, and realizing there are certain beliefs that have caught my attention for more than a day. Born and raised Catholic, this has been my roots and what all answers and expressions come from.

The Law of Attraction and Karma has caught most of my interest in the past years. It seems so simple, yet so difficult. It all makes sense to me and I feel as if my life is a reflection of what I have unintentionally felt it to be. I struggled with making this work towards what I desired. I found it incredibly hard to change my thoughts and inner voice . Sure, I could do the wishful thinking part all day long, which would get me nowhere if i couldn't FEEL well about it.

It wasn't until I came across the law of Karma, that I truly understood how the concept worked. I realized that my own feelings deep with in are what has prevented my happiness. I couldn't help but list off all the negative feelings I had towards other people . That was it. The feelings I had was affecting my direction of a better life.
Lack of courage.

Not accepting my own demons for what they are, also prevented me from feeling good. I needed to come to terms with "what I've got, what I am not and who I am"~Jason Mraz.... God, I love that song!

According to my yearly horoscope, which I tend to take very lightly, I am suppose to have a year of transformation... like a butterfly or phoenix. Honestly, this is the first time I would agree. So far, this year has been about strength and shedding all that is negative and I am finally realizing.

Big things for me this year are....
Karma Time Integrity

The only missing connection I have is how do I connect this what I have been taught? Where does God and Jesus fit into all of this?

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