Monday, July 1, 2013

5 Years From Now: 52 Weeks Of Blogging With a Purpose

5 Years From Now...

I will be 34 I hope I don't start aging too fast!!!Wow, 5 years ago I was 24.. The distance seems so far yet so close!!!

I hope to be a SAH/WAH  entrepreneur I don't know exactly what just yet but wheels are in motion to become start my own business. I have many ideas and I need to start separating them and figuring out what is going to work in the long run. I did have an Etsy shop where I was making party supplies but i had to put that on hold while I was in school.

Settled into a home of our own and making renovations Have you heard about the home I long for.... Sustainable farming and all, with chickens and mini pigs! I want a farm... BADLY, which would be totally different from our current suburban living.

Living abroad LOL if the previous one doesn't happen. I keep telling the hubby that I would gladly following him anywhere on this earth!

Another one... maybe I say maybe because we are not sure. I would love a big family but our history with childbirth and congenital diseases frightens us. I have felt a real calling to adoption though. This might be a real possibility with us, either way. My babies will be big kids by then... I don't know how I will handle that but I can't wait to meet them!

Published author Once I finish up my degree in Communications, I plan on devoting some time to this one... Yet to decide what type of book it shall be.

I hope to be more patient Because that's what kids do to you. They either make you lose the patience you had or you become more patient.

I might get to sleep through the night We have a 20 month old who still doesn't sleep through the night, partially our fault. I have faith one day, I can sleep in my own side of the bed comfortably through a solid 8 hours... okay maybe just 6.

Inline Marathoner I'm not a runner, but I am a damn good blader!

Travel more I hope to take at least one vacation that didn't center around the MOUSE.

When I think of this title, it's a reminder of how I once looked at life. When I was in my early 20's I always thought "in 5 years I will be/have/do/live".... you get the picture. I was never living in the now and that made me realize all the tiny moments that were passing by. I realized my 5 year plan never worked out the way I had anticipate and that's because there is a bigger plan that is not always aligned with our current agenda.

I can still day dream and make goals though!

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