Thursday, July 18, 2013

Party Planning 101: Invitations

The very first impression you are giving your guest of your upcoming event is the invitation. I don't think people realize this, maybe the fine details of entertaining don't really matter much to you. Either way, an invitation of some kind is always extended.

So... Why send out an invitation?

Are one of the most important parts of entertaining. Whether it's the guest of honor or the attendees, you want them to be excited and feel special.

Before you send out the invite....
Make sure you have an idea of the type of party you want and a general theme. I know, some people hate themes but it not only adds some cohesiveness to the part, it prevents the who shindig from being a big confetti mess.

  • Mail invites
    • Printed digital
    • Handmade
    • fill in the blanks
  • Email: This is very informal.
  • Evite: Convenient to keep track of R.S.V.P's but I've seen many missed and taken for spam. Some don't even get delivered to the inbox.
  • Facebook invite: These one's are hard because not everyone has or checks their Facebook account.

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  1. Thank you for the advice. This are actually helpful. Guests is one of the crucial part of a party!