Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Changes and a Juicing Recipe

Fitness and weight loss is never something I really wanted to write about. Living healthy, yes, but not weight loss. It's a difficult part of me to share. The fact is, I'm embarrassed of my weight and try to hid it. Why would I want to publish it? I'm laughing to myself now. I'm hoping that maybe if I do publish it then it will start to be a lifestyle change I really need.

I do this all the time. I say I will go on this plan or workout more. I set a goal for myself and I get some good momentum going. Then something falls apart and I'm throwing in the towel. This time, it was my period. Yeah that thing that comes regularly once a month and last several days. I didn't remember it being this bad before I had children but it really sucks. I feel like my whole body is drained, my joints ache all over and I feel like I gained ten pounds. It's enough to knock me off track and then I'm back where I started.

It's really time to make the change. The lifestyle change. The hubby and I really want to try for another child but with the complications from the last, It's important that I make some changes. You might be reading a lot more of these posts because I need to start consuming myself with it otherwise this will never happen.

Obsessing is what I do best!

About two months ago I started the Fast Metabolism diet. It actually worked pretty well and I did drop some decent weight. Then the four weeks was up and I thought "I'll just have a cheat week and get back at it". Right, like I needed a whole week to cheat. I never did get back at it. The problem with these "cheats" is that they always throw me back into my food addiction and I literally take a month to work myself out of it.

Moderation never works out for me.

Last month I had surgery on my hand and it's not really back to where it should be. I'm bummed that I still can't do yoga. It just hurts too much. I was told recovery would only be a couple weeks because it was non-invasive but looks like I have a couple more to go.

So... It's time to
  • Pull out the old trusty Breville and get juicing
  • Get moving on my stationary bike
  • Work in those weights
  • Menu plan and The Fast Metabolism Diet
Try some of these.....


This recipe is really simple and is a great morning pick me up! Pineapple is one of my favorite things to juice!


2 oranges peeled
2 cucumbers
2 cups of fresh pineapple

Juice on!

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  1. you can do it Katie! I personally tried juicing because of Luis. I hated every single thing about it. I did not like the texture, the taste, and how gritty it tasted. I'm a sweet tooth like crazy. Moderation is culprit as well. I also have wrist problems. I've started to wear wrist guards at night to help ease my pain. I also love pilates/yoga. Have you tried 21 day fix? My friend Sam sells beachbody. She's out in Oswego. If you are interested in it, it's 100% worth the small investment. Like $49 with Sam's rebate. Just go on youtube and and search 21 day fix. It's like a short 4 minute schpeal about it. It's just 21 days. That's it. It's hard core, it's 25 minutes a day, and you can't cheat. I lost 10 lbs in 21 days! that's it. My day 1 was the 1st day of my period too. Crazy how it worked out that way, but I'm like, well I promised to start it. So I did, it's hard not to cheat when you are on your period but I stuck with it and knew it was a short 21 day committment. When I'm done being pregnant and I've recuperated from delivery, I'm 100% doing the 21 day fix challenge again. I hope to lose the last 10 lbs then. That first month post delivery it's so easy to lose weight between nursing and sleep deprivation and naturally, lack of appetite. I lost 40 lbs after I had my son. It's the last 20 lbs that stayed on. I'll wish you luck on your journey. It's not easy! :)

    1. Thanks, Kathy! I will have to look into the beachbody. I've tried one of their products before, the slim in 6 videos. Those really kicked my butt!