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Why You Should Prep... I Mean Homestead

Not very many people would know that I'm a "Prepper" or "survivalist". I actually refer to call it homesteading. That has a nicer ring to it. I have written in the past about homesteading but I think the previous two terms have more of a stigma attached to them that I don't necessarily like to associate myself with. Nonetheless, I do prep for survival. I'm no pro and my pantry is no where near stocked but this type of thing is always a work in progress.

The words Prepper or survivalist are often associated with "crazy" and "Domesday Preppers" or "conspiracy theories". These are not ways to describe me. Although, I've been interested in a good conspiracy theory every now and then.

There is not one reason for homesteading. Its a list of reasons and scenarios that are endless really. Here are my top 4 reasons why I prep.

1) Economic Reassurance and a Peace of Mind
In the case where either my husband or I lost our jobs, the financial situation would be extremely tight. Cut backs would need to be made. It wouldn't be the first time the economy has crashed and thousands have been unemployed so the little reassurance I have by building up to a year supply of food would at least guarantee my family would get fed.

2)Self Sufficiency
I am a proud person and I do believe that at the end of the day, you are responsible for yourself and not the government. Not having to rely on something that may take weeks or months to come through is also a reassurance. In the case of an economical collapse in this country, which I don't think should be considered as far fetched, there won't be government assistance like we expect.

It's also empowering knowing that I can take care of myself and my family!

3) Natural Disasters and War
Have you seen the news reports lately. Extreme weather is a norm and it's unpredictable. Extreme weather can also affect our power grids and in the event of a massive solar flare rocking our grid system, I would like to not rely on someone else... again. By the way, EMP attacks are not just a threat from the sun... our grid is constantly being tested by hackers daily who would just love to inject chaos to our society for the fun of it. Have you seen American Blackout?

In the event that we were pushed back to prehistoric ages, knowing how to survive off the land would be essential. Knowing how to survive off of nature period is something everyone should know. Think about how vulnerable someone is when they don't know how to grow their own food or survive in the wild.

4)It's Cost Effective
Growing my own produce from seed is a small fraction of the price of food in the market and my food is Organic. Growing extra and freezing or canning the excess is great over the winter months and helps me cut back on the grocery bill. This past summer I didn't have to buy one cucumber. One organic cucumber can get up to $3 a piece and we were picking 10 a week. The seed pack I bought was $2.50 and I still have some left over for next year. I'd rather be gardening then cutting coupons and strategically couponing. I've tried the extreme coupon thing and I hated it.

My Tomato Canning Recipe

1) First, you need to prep your tomatoes. Slightly slice an X at the bottom of each tomato, just to puncture the skin but not cut it. I boiled the tomatoes for about 60 seconds and them put them in an ice bath to cool. Then to my amazement, the skin pealed off so easy.

2) De-seed and chop your tomatoes.

3) Start preparing your hot water bath. In a large pot start boiling your water. You will need enough water to cover the tops of your jars.

4)Put your chopped tomatoes in a stock pot or sauce pan. Fill with just enough water to level off the tomatoes. Bring to boil and boil for 8 minutes.

5) While your tomatoes are boiling you can prepare your jars by boiling them in the hot water bath for 5 minutes. Do the same with the lids but don't boil until you are ready to put the lids on. The lids will need to be hot.

6) Once you are done boiling your tomatoes, pour them into the sterilized mason jars using a wide mouth funnel. I left about a quarter of an inch from each rim. Then take your hot lids and close your jars.

7) Boil your jars in a hot water bath for 45 minutes. Make sure the water covers the whole jar. Once you have boiled the jars, set them out to cool completely and then you can store.

*note: You can purchase a canning set from the store for under $10 bucks. It has the wide mouth funnel and rubber tongs. These two tools are extremely helpful and prevent burns!!

I hope this encourages you to empower yourself and become a little Prepper like myself. Just preparing a little extra food in the cabinet can make a big difference down the line because you can never really be sure of what can or can't happen.

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