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Investitures Ceremony - Girl Scout Daisy

It seems like Girl Scouts is the only thing I can write about these days. I've been so busy this session with my overwhelming classes, the holidays, photography projects, and girl scouts. This is my very last week of classes and them I'm all done with school and I can't tell you how excited I am!

This past week we had our Investitures Ceremony for the Daisy troop. This would be meeting 4 for the girls and it gave them an opportunity to get a feel for the structure of the meetings and to better understand the Girl Scout Promise and Law.

Planning Ahead
Send out cute invitations to the parents at the prior meeting so they know that this is special. The girls will get excited about it too! Here is a download for the one I quickly created: Investiture Invites

I first created an outline ( basically a script) of how the ceremony would go. You can download a copy of the script we used here: Investiture Ceremony

Then a prepared all the materials.

Materials Needed:

Felt board ( I pasted a large piece of felt on to a meeting board purchased at the dollar store)
11 sheets of felt in the colors of the daisy flower (Blue for the center and 10 different colors for the petals... See below for the different colors)
Scissors to cut the felt.
Printed out scripts
Membership pins
Certificates (optional) I was not able to create one for this event:(

The Ceremony Script

We started with the girls walking in single file. We have 10 girls so each girl was given one of the 10 petals on the daisy flower.

Here is how the ceremony went....
(The girls walk in single file and lined up.)
Leader 1: Where are the girls who want to be daisy girl scouts?
Daisies: Here we are!
Leader 1: You have agreed that you are ready to make your promise and receive your pin as Daisy Girl Scouts. Let’s make that promise together.
(Everyone holds up the Girl Scout salute)
All: On my honor, I will try
To serve God and my country
To help people at all times
And to live by the Girl Scout Law.

Leader 2: The Girl Scout promise is a pledge that tells us how to live our lives. The center of the flower represents the Girl Scout Promise. The Daisy Girls Scouts earn 10 learning Petals. Each of the Petals is a different color and represents a part of the Girl Scout Law.
All: I will do my best to be
(Each girl will get a petal to add to the board. Whisper in their ear for assistance)

Girl 1: Honest and Fair
Girl 2: Friendly and Helpful
Girl 3: Considerate and caring
Girl 4: Courageous and Strong and
Girl 5: Responsible for what I say and do,
Girl 6: And to respect myself and others
Girl 7: Respect Authority,
Girl 8: Use Resources Wisely,
Girl 9: Make the world a better place and
Girl 10: Be a sister to every Girl Scout.

Call each girl by their name up to receive their pin and welcome them into the troop with a Girl Scout Handshake. 
Leader 2: “Name of girl” as a Daisy Girl Scout would you step forward.
Leader 1: Here is your daisy Girl Scout pin. (Pin on Daisy Insignia Tab)
(Followed by the handshake.)
Leader 1: Girl Scout Daisies are named after the founder of Girl Scouting in the
United States, Juliette Gordon Low, whose nickname was Daisy. She brought Girl Scouting to the United States from England. As parents, you are very necessary to the growth and development of our Girl Scout Daisies . We need to know your expectations for how "high" our Daisies will grow and ways that you can help us to reach that growth. We would appreciate your suggestions and participation throughout their journey. 
Now we will do our closing. Would you please join us in a friendship circle.

Girls move back into larger circle--admitting parents as part of the group.
(Friendship Squeeze)

This scripts was adapted from a video I found on YouTube. It was extremely helpful and you can add or change up where you see fit. There are plenty of videos and examples.

There are so many ways you can go about the Investiture ceremony. Just make sure to have fun with it and know what your girls can handle. I have a large group of girls that are rowdy so I wanted to keep this ceremony short and sweet. The whole thing took about 10 minutes. I arranged for an entire hour. The first 30 minutes the girls did a test run practice so they had an idea of how it would go.

I hope this is helpful in your planning and don't forget to check back for more Girl Scout Daisy planning ideas!!

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