Monday, April 6, 2015

Daisy Flower Garden Journey: Session 2

We are on our way through the flower garden journey! The girls were super excited to plant their seedlings last meeting and even more excited to see the little sprouts this week. This is session 2 of our journey through the daisy flower garden. Use this as a blue print or guide and alter as you see best fits your daisy troop!

Materials needed:
Leadership guide (LG)
Welcome to the Daisy Flower Garden girl book (GB)
Photocopies of pages 13 and 26 from GB (enough for each girl)
black pipe cleaners (cut into 2 inch pieces)
safety pins
googly eyes
mesh tulle in light yellow or white
small yellow craft pom poms
hot glue gun
regular glue
ink pad
bubble wrap
Garden Journal from session 1
mini gardens from session 1
crayons or other coloring tools
watering can

Preparation before the meeting

Prepare the bee pins
I hot glued the pom poms together prior to the meeting. I tried to use regular glue at first and it didn't stick together very well. I didn't want the girls to be using the hot glue gun, which is why I prepared them ahead of time. For the bee body, I used three yellow pom poms.

Prepare the garden journals
I rubber cemented the photocopies of pages 13 and 26 from the GB into the garden journals for each girl.

Start-up activity
Set out the garden journals and crayons on a table. As the girls arrive, have them complete page 13 from the GB that you previously glued into the garden journal.


  • Gather in a Daisy Circle and recite the Girl Scout Promise and Law
  • Have the girls go around in the Daisy Circle and share their page 13 from the garden journal. Make sure each girl gets a turn to share.

Recap and Read Chapter 2
Recap chapter 1 from the GB so the girls remember where you left off in the story. Read chapter 2. When you get to the part of the story where the girls find the buried box have your daisy scouts color page 26 from the GB in their garden journals. Follow up at the end of chapter 2 with questions to ensure they comprehend the story.

Bee pins
The girls loved making this little swap. Not that they had to swap them but it is a great idea for a swap. Prior to the meeting it will be helpful if you hot glue the yellow pom poms together as regular glue doesn't hold well.

How to...

1)  Have the daisy scout wrap the black pipe cleaner around the pre-glued yellow bee body (pom poms) and the safety pin. If you wrap both the body and the pin together there is no need to glue the bee to the pin later

2) Tie the yellow mesh tulle strip around the bee body to give a wing effect.

3) Use regular glue to glue on the googly eyes.

There you go! Simple as that!

The girls can pin these to their vests as a remembrance of the helpful honey bee introduced in chapter 2!

Honeycomb Stamping
This is a fun little activity that the girls can do right in their garden journals. I used bubble wrap and an ink pad. You can cut the bubble wrap in the shape of a honeycomb. This is a great opportunity to explain the importance of bees in a garden. Some points I made sure to hit on are...

  • Bees are very important in a garden.
  • They help pollinate the plants so we have food
  • They drink the nectar of the flowers to produce honey
The girls can even draw a bee of their own on this page if they have some time or you can give them bee stickers.

Mini Garden Care
Have each girl water their mini garden. Make sure you explain how we are being responsible for the plants by watering and caring for them.

In their garden journals, have the girls draw a picture of how their gardens plants are doing. You can do this on a new blank page. Make sure they record the date of their findings! Each meeting the girls can record how big their plants are getting so they can look back on the progress from the previous meeting.

We finished off the meeting with a closing ceremony and friendship circle and squeeze! If you would like to see what we did for the first session visit my post: Daisy Flower Garden Journey: Session 1!

Don't forget to follow along for more Flower Garden Journey sessions!

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