Friday, February 11, 2011

Just when you feel like you got this mommy thing down

I'm waiting for the ball to drop. Do you ever have those moments when you think "I'm a good Mom, I've got this down!"? Many of us have felt that proud moment when you don't feel like you are doing everything wrong for once. Just as you start to feel amazing something happens, an accident, a massive tantrum that can't be controlled, a mommy monster moment...

Well, lately I feel on top of it. My Bella and I have been getting along very nicely. Although, she doesn't always listen we seem to have a better understanding of one another. My patience really hasn't been tested in a couple of days. Usually she is doing everything in her power to destroy the house. Rarely does she listen at all, and finds joy in doing the exact opposite of what I ask, typical toddler.
I'm waiting for it. That moment that is going to break this great winning streak...
She has been such a sweatheart!


  1. It never seems to last, does it? Being a mama is so hard!

  2. the good thing is that the bad side doesn't last either. it always comes back around, and around again. she is precious.