Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Like right out of a movie

About a year ago I had this dream. It was just after we moved in to our current place. The setting took place out side our courtyard, except one of the buildings was missing and there was this open field  where businesses should be have been. It was dark and gloomy and the clouds were black. We were running out our back door for cover and I couldn't find my daughter or my dog. In the distance, in the open field there were twisters. So many of them, just one after another all heading our way. I felt scared, obviously, but also a feeling of something bigger, like the entire world was under destruction and we just had to bear it out.

I've never had this type of sad, doomsday dream before. It continually haunts me from time to time. When I hear about the natural disasters through out the world and the recent tornadoes, it brings me to this thought. Even when we have the end of the world stories in the news or media. Could I really be feeling like there is a near end in sight?

I wish I never had this dream. I'm kind of being a downer on this one. A weak moment is all.

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