Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Easy Party Banners

I made this banner for my daughter's 2nd birthday. This idea is so simple and easy.

Making your banner letters
Print out your lettering on your computer with a font style that matches your theme. I used Microsoft Word Font: Harrington Size:300. I used two spaces between each letter and adjusted the paper layout to landscape.

Cut out your lettering with some fun crafting scissors.

Select your background paper for the banner. You can have just specific colors or patterns. Match the theme of the party. I used scrap booking paper and cut each page in quarters using a cricut cutter. Each sheet was 6 x 6.

Paste your cut out letters to your background paper, centering as best as possible. I used a simple glue stick.

Assembling the Banner
There are many different ways you can do this, just be creative.

Punch hole: you can use a punch hole on the left and right sides of each banner piece to string through ribbon. You can string through the entire banner or connect each piece separately with individual ribbon pieces.
Horizontal banner!
Try a vertical banner!

Clothes Pins: If you don't have a punch hole or want a different option clothes pins are a great way to assemble your banner. You will need one for each banner letter. You simply string up you ribbon or garland, and attach each banner pieces separately with a clothes pin. Space each piece for your desired look.

These banners are not only easy and cost very little, they look personal and crafty! Your guests will love them.

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