Saturday, June 23, 2012

Becoming a runner.

I didn't think I could be a runner. I never liked it when I was young and frankly, it makes me feel like i am about to simultaneously combust. One day I got tired of how I looked and got tired of feeling tired. I can't believe I have let myself go like this... and it has been years. It just took me those years to realize this is not healthy and it is not okay to be okay with being the chubby girl. I want and deserve more than that and so does my family. So two days ago I said "I gonna go for a run" I nearly laughed when the words came out of my mouth but I went out the door anyway. When I got to the park by my house I started a light jog.... I started to feel pain, I started to doubt. This time something inside of me said "keep pushing" I had heard that the first 8 minutes are hell... this coming from an avid runner. So I though, if I could just make it through the first 8 minutes I could see from there. I did make it thought the 8 minutes and I kept going... and going... telling myself "just one more lap"!

And then, 20 minutes later, I had to stop. I didn't want to over do it... this was a triumph in it self. In high school I couldn't even run the 1 mile with out walking 50% of the way and I had just ran for a straight 20 minutes. What I learned was the first 10 minutes are hell, and after that your body starts to move in the direction you want and all of the sudden this meditative states hits you and it is actually enjoyable, even through the pain. I think I am on to something, i thin i might enjoy this... I went for a run the following day and did the same thing!!!! I think I have started to become a runner!

I really think it starts with the attitude and some really motivating quotes on pinterest!

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  1. I want to be a runner, too! And yes, pinterest is pretty damn motivating. The irony is that I'm pinning when I should be running!