Sunday, June 17, 2012

DAD Portrait: Father's Day 2012

This year for Father's day I wanted to create something special. I went to Michael's and bought these wooden letters D and A... Then I thought get a P and you can do papa too. I took portraits of my little ones with the letters and here is what happened...

I took the picture and turned it black and white with Photoshop. I had to increase the brightness and contrast so it didn't look too dark.
I did this with each letter D, A, D.
The finished product for Dad.... 

Sorry for the picture quality... taken with a phone camera:(
I also did one for my pop. I used the letters PAPA... That's what my daughter calls him:)
I put the pictures on publisher and arranged them so I could print out one big 8x10.

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  1. What a great idea! This can be used for Grandma, Mom, etc. or for anyone special. Thanks for the new project idea!