Monday, March 11, 2013

Neverland - Tinkerbell Party and Marshmallow Fondant!

Oh my gosh!!! Did you know that you can melt marshmallow? Did you know that when you mix it with powdered sugar it forms a dough like frosting... similar to how you would kneed pizza dough?!?!? I think I have found the easiest thing yet to decorate my birthday cakes and I am super excited to share with you!

What you need
A bag of mini marshmallows
food coloring or frosting coloring
powdered sugar

This recipe is pretty simple. I took half a bag of the mini marshmallows  sprinkled with some water to coat and tossed. Then I microwaved the bowl for two sets of 45 seconds, stirring in between.

I added a cup of powdered sugar to the mix and then poured in out on a bed of powdered sugar.
This gets messy!!!! 

Note: I recommend adding in the frosting coloring while it's in the liquid stage. I didn't do this the first time and I wasn't fun!

 I'm sorry for some of the blurry photos. the Hubby was on camera duty!!
This is the Tinkerbell Cake that I created from the Wilton Doll pan.

 I created this Pixie Hollow sign from Dollar Tree flowers, foam letters and wreath!! This is now hanging in her room over her bed! I love reusing party decorations!
 The flower pot was also created with materials from the Dollar Tree. I made three of them and placed them through out the party as center pieces!
Party favors include a pirate theme for the boy's (hook, tatoos, lost boys treasure) and a fairy spa theme for the girls (pixie dust, mini nail polish, mini nail kit, fairy rings). Everyone went home with their own Peter Pan story book!
 I had Bella help me with painting the treasure chest!! I found this one at Michael's for $15.

 I really wanted to create a pirate ship carved out of watermelon .. but they are not in season this time of year. So I created this pirate fruit bowl with a sail.
 Bella couldn't wait to try out her new bike.

And after the guests left.... They had to put blocks on the pedals because her legs are too short!!


  1. WOW that Cake is AMAZING! Lucky little girl!

    1. Thanks Andrea! She is pretty lucky and I am even luckier to have her:)!

  2. What a neat cake! I've never heard of marshmallow fondant.
    Here from the Hop!

    1. Hi Sennie, thanks for the kind words! Marshmallow fondant is super easy to make!

  3. The cake is amazing!! You are so talented!
    My sister used Marshmallow fondant on my nephew's cake and loved it too!

    1. Thank you so much!! I think the Marshmallow fondant tastes better too and the kids go crazy for it!