Monday, February 16, 2015

Girl Scout Daisy Meeting: Sunny Petal Friendly and Helpful Badge

Here are the three activities our troop did to earn their Sunny Petal. Our meetings last an hour and with the traditional meeting set up (Opening, Business, Activity time, and Closing) you can easily fit these activities in.

Activity 1: Read the Sunny story and follow up with discussion questions found in the GS book.
You can also have the girls act out the story for more engagement.

Activity 2: Friendly Greetings!

Use flash cards with different greetings from all over the world. Teach each greeting to the girls and have them repeat back and guess which country or location.

Greetings that we used

Bon Jour
Ni Hao
Guten tag

Activity 3: Pine cone bird feeder project

Give each girl a pine cone and have then create their own bird feeders with peanut butter and bird seed!

*for those with peanut allergies have them use honey instead.

One pine cone for each girl
One spoon for each girl
One piece of yarn or heavy duty string for each girl about a foot long
Plastic baggies for the girls to take their project home

First, tie the string on to each pine cone. If you don't do this first, there will be a big ol mess later.

Use the spoon to coat each pine cone with a decent amount of peanut butter. Make sure to get between the crevices.

In a separate dish, roll the peanut butter coated pine cone in the bird seed. Be generous with the amount of bird seed you use. Set it aside to harden or place it right in the take home baggie.

Other ideas..

Volunteer at a retirement home or animal shelter.

Meet with another troop and do an activity so the girls have the opportunity to meet with girls they haven't met before and show their friendly side.

Kaper Charts! This is a great opportunity to introduce kaper charts and have the girls take ownership and help out with each meeting.

Overall, the girls really LOVED the bird feeder activity. I have found with my rowdy troop of 12 girls, the more hands on activities the better!

Happy planning troop leaders!

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