Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine Canvas Paintings

Who loves a girl's craft night? I do, I do!!! A couple weeks ago I indulged in a much needed crafting girl's night. I love doing crafts and it's much more fun when you are with someone. My friend Denise joined me in the fun! We went the Valentines decoration route for this craft evening.

Originally, I had much smaller canvases purchased for this project but my little girls were jealous and I didn't want them to feel left out.... or whining the whole evening. I already had these larger canvases stored in the closet, so I gave the girls the smaller ones and I opted for the larger.

These were both done with a free hand. Okay, maybe those diamonds were traced from a cut out but the chevron and heart were definitely free hand.  If you can notice the heart shape is slightly off and not centered... I'm my own critic.

Materials used:
Acrylic paint (Black, metallic gold and pink)
Gold glitter
Rose pink glitter (this glitter was awesome)
Mod Podge

The love and the heart are coated in glitter. I first painted the lettering and the heart. Once it was dry, I went over it with the Mod Podge and sprinkled the glitter all over. It was messy! I softly jiggled the canvas around to make sure the glitter covered all the area and emptied out the excess glitter onto a piece of paper.

I really liked the way theses pieces looked on the fireplace mantel. I do think the smaller canvases would have worked a little better but it was worth it when the little ones were so excited to be participating in the crafts. Happy Valentines Day!

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